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BtrPower Ebike Battery 48V 30AH LiFePO4 Battery Pack with 5A Charger 50A BMS

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  • 48V 30AH LiFePO4 Battery can work well for 1000W-2500W ebike motor
  • Dimension: 130*140*270mm/5.1*5.5*10.63inch; Weight: 19.71lb/8.94kg
  • Endurance Mileage: it can up to 35-40 miles and it’s affected by factors such as load bearing, speed, terrain, etc. So there is a little deviation.
  • Faster Shipping Time. West: your package will be delivered to your address within 3-5 days.
  • Warranty Policy. Full money refund within 30 days and one year warranty


1). 30 days money back guarantee on all orders if you're unsatisfied for any reason with one of our batteries

2). 1 year warranty on all orders

3). Lifetime technical support

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Not a bad battery, works out really well for me and my wife

I ordered this battery September 2023. I actually have two batteries 48 volt and 52 volts. I'm currently using both of them on razor dirt bikes. They're electric dirt bikes that have been modified. I do believe both might have 50 amp BMS. I can go exactly 20 miles and I can do 39 mph. I like the fact that they came with a charger and I don't have to buy a separate one. This battery provides my bike with the torque that it needs. I even took my little bikes down to Daytona Beach Florida over Christmas and rode the bikes on the sand. Batteries provided enough power to get through the sand. I ended up charging the batteries three separate times at the beginning of the weekend with no issues whatsoever. Never people say bad things about these batteries but I'm finding most of these people are going off of stories from other people we are going off of stories for other people since I've owned both batteries and charge them at least once a week sometimes more without any issues. I definitely would not have a problem buying another BTR

Recommend using a 48V 30Ah battery

I am ordering these lifepo4 battery pack from them last 3 years, and I
must say, I am extremely satisfied with both the product and the
seller's customer serivce.
The battery has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance. It
provides reliable and consistent power for my devices, and I have
noticed a significant increase in battery lifespan compared to my
previous lead acid battery. The build quality of the battery pack is
also top-notch, it feels sturdy and durable. I can use them 3-5 years
and don't replace it. Very nice!!!
But what really impressed me was the excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE. They
were transparent and honest in their product description, and
everything was delivered on time as promised 2-5 business days from US
warehouse. They even provided timely response when I had some
I highly recommend both btr battery and the seller. They have gained
my trust as a buyer and I look forward to doing business with them in
the future.

Laser Wedling

Our battery production process is 80% automated.

Battery sorting, screening, assembly, and welding are all done automatically by machines

More efficient for production

More Reliable for Quality

Our goal is produce produce reliable and less cost lithium battery for customer