How To Choose Lithium Battery fit your motor

How to choose Voltage ?
  • It depends on the voltage of motor and controller. 36V motor and controller,choose 36v battery. 48V motor and controller,choose 48v battery. 60V motor and controller,choose 60v battery. 72V motor and controller,choose 72v battery.
  • Note: Don't choose the wrong voltage,otherwise ,it will destroy your ebike
How to choose Capacity ?
  • The larger capacity,the longer battery life. "Battery life" means the time battery will continues to discharge before it must be recharged
  • It also depends on the power of motor . The motor power is large,the corresponding current is large, choose a large capacity battery.Conversely,The motor power is small,the corresponding current is small, choose a smaller capacity battery
How to choose li-ion battery or lifeo4 battery ?
  • The Li-ion battery is lighter and smaller than LiFeO4 battery.
  • LiFeO4 battery's lifecycle is longer than Li-ion battery,Its chemicals are more stable,more safer than li-ion battery

If you want lighter and smaller battery, you can choose the Li-ion battery

If there is enough space to place battery, you had better choose the LiFeO4 battery

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