• How to get a customize battery

    You need provide needed informations to us

    1. Voltage you want

    2. Capacity you want

    3. Which brand cell you want

    4.What BMS you want (30A,50A,100A,120A or other)

    5.Dimension you need

  • How to become a dealer

    1. You need to order more than 10 counts batteries once time

    2.You can order our battery 10 times a month

    As long as you meet one of the above conditions,you can get a wholesale price.

    Just contact us.

  • About shipping time & shipping cost

    For customize:

    produce time: one week.

    Deliver by air

    shipping time: 10 business days

    cost: $100-$300

    Deliver by boat

    shipping time: 1-2 months

    cost: Free

we support OEM

Minimum order of 100 typically required for OEM batteries.

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