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Batería Ebike 48V 30AH LiFePO4 Batería con cargador 5A, 50A BMS

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  • La batería 48V 30AH LiFePO4 puede funcionar bien para el motor ebike 1000W-2500W
  • Dimensión: 255x160x160 mm (10 x 6,3 x 6,3 pulgadas); Peso: 24 libras
  • Kilometraje de resistencia: puede alcanzar hasta 35-40 millas y se ve afectado por factores como la capacidad de carga, la velocidad, el terreno, etc. Así que hay una pequeña desviación.
  • Tiempo de envío más rápido. Oeste: su paquete será entregado a su dirección dentro de 3-5 días.
  • Póliza de garantía. Reembolso total del dinero dentro de los 30 días y un año de garantía


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mitch Johnson
E trike

Good experience,
Ordered a battery out of stock, they said they would let me know when battery arrived, always replied to my question on a timely manor, I will be ordering my back up battery from them shortly here...

Brad Oster
48V 30AH, Works like a champ on 48V Ryobi mower

This battery was on back-order for some time but I finally got it! I have to say, I did have a lot of communication from the company letting me know it was on back-order and that was particularly nice to get. Most other companies wouldn't communicate as well.
This Ryobi 48V Brushless 30 in. 50 Ah mower came with (4) 12V lead acid batteries and worked well for about 2 years before the batteries just died. I was able to replace all 4 with this one LiFePO4 and have it work just as well even though it's only 30AH. With this one, I can discharge 80% or so and the lead acid can only really go 50% so this makes up for having less AH.
So far, I can mow 1/3 acre at least twice on one charge. I haven't tried going to the point of having the battery die on me but this is more than enough to mow before charging.

Great battery and a simple, but effective charger too. Well worth it!

Really Great Product

The battery was very easy to install and it works great. My bike runs perfectly and it charges fast. I would definitely purchase again.

jesse lopez
Power horse battery at a great value!

Purchased this battery for a rear wheel drive E-bike project. I was going to purchase a second smaller battery for my front wheel but this unit is not even being pushed to it's limit with my current 1500w controller.Then I soldered the other connector to a fuse connector that was already wired to my controller.

This battery comes with everything you need to connect it to a charger and to the bike or device controller. I only needed to solder the leads from the battery to the Anderson connector cable, and the charger connector also needed soldered to the battery. The whole thing took about 10 minutes
The charging has been fast, though I usually only go on 10 mile bike rides so I seldom need to charge it.
The battery feels very well constructed and you can tell a lot of work went into making it look nice.
I currently have this securely strapped because I plan to use this battery on more than one device.
Since the connector is an Anderson connector, I was able to purchase some extras for my other 48v applications.

Overall, I am happy I went this route instead of dual batteries (as that can require adding a diode module to prevent back charging.)

[Advice for Success]
1. Use a FUSE! These batteries are built to discharge a lot of power and a cheap $5 fuse can save you a lot of anguish.
2.Look at the size of the battery before you purchase it and make sure it fits the specs of the project.
3. Ensure your mounting location is where you want the weight to ride. (I ratchet strapped a 10lb weight in varies areas to see how it affected my ride before the conversion.)
4. Use good quality heat shrink for safety.
5. use good quality solder and make sure it flows in far enough to form a solid bond but doesn't travel up the wire as that will create a brittle unbendable spot.

Overall, I love this battery and feel it is a great value. If I had a golf cart with dead batteries this would be a higher performing, longer lasting, faster, less maintenance, and cheaper solution than wet lead acid batteries.

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