Slove The Battery Problem By Yourself

Electric Bike Battery Problems.The first thing you will want to do is diagnose it as an error in the battery or the charger. You will have to remove the battery pack from the power lines that connect it to the bike itself. You will want to make sure the charger is plugged in and hook it directly to those power lines and try to start u the bike. If the dash lights up or the wheels spin, you will be certain that it is a battery issue and not the charger.

If, however, the problem seems to be with your charger, we would suggest just getting a new one entirely.

So these are common problems faced when diagnosing your electric bike battery life problems. Often, it is a charging issue. But what if your ebike battery life isn’t the problem? What if you have discharging issues rather than charging issues?

For example, what if your electric bike discharges the battery too quickly, or you aren’t given an accurate measurement of the percentage discharged thus far?

Sometimes, the fix may be as simple as disconnect, then connect again. If a battery that you know is charged is reading as drained on the first glance, this may be the only thing you need to do. Very often, when a battery is connected the first time, a few wires may have gotten crossed, giving you a false reading. If you quickly reset the connection, they should have straightened themselves out.

Have you tried to reconnect your battery over and over again, but it tells you that your ebike battery life is gone, you may have to go back, you might have a battery or a charger issue.

If you are just facing some mysterious, but serious matters, it may be helpful to invest in a voltmeter. A voltmeter will tell you just how many volts your battery is capable of discharging at a given time. If you feel that your e-bike battery problems are graver than you have the know how for, a voltmeter is an indispensable instrument for you.

Not only can a voltmeter tell you exactly how many volts your battery expends, it tells you how much it can hold. This is great for timing your charging down to the minute, as well as deciding how many miles you can get out of one charge. A voltmeter measures the electrical potential difference between two places on an electrical circuit. Enough of that mumbo-jumbo, it can tell you exactly how big your battery is. You’ll never be in the dark about the capabilities of your battery ever again.

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