72v ebike

48V 30AH battery for the Ebike

It's customer's DIY project.

48v 30ah battery provide enough power for it.

Speed can up to 43mph. last 35miles without pedal

58.8V When it's fully charged

Cut-off voltage is around 42V

Charge time is about 6hours

Ordered it last year, perform well so far

Product Review

Best product on the market.This company is very responsive after the sale,they will go out of  their way to make you happy,I recommend this company and their battery, very reliable

Aaron M.

Fantastic battery I like how is work. it’s pretty damn reliable

Mladen M.

I bought this originally. It was the wrong voltage for me.Btrpower was really great in doing an exchange. Great company.


Very good lithium battery, very surprised is more than I expected.Enough power for my ebike

Dominga., RI.

Shipping Time

USA:  3-5 Days Delivery

UK  :  2-5 Days Delivery

Canada & other Eurpoe Country:

5-10 Days Delivery