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14'' Folding Ebike with 48V 15Ah lithium battery 400W Motor

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1. Model: 14’‘ Folding Ebike
2. Battery : 48v 15ah Lithium battery
3. Motor:400W
4. Color: Black

Return Policy
1. For e-bikes that have been opened, we don't support the return of the whole bike, if there is quality problem, we will provide 3-months free replacement parts.
2.For unopened e-bikes, we accept their return within 3 months. When returning, the parcel should be transported by pallet to ensure that the parcel is received in good condition, and all the return costs will be borne by the customer.If the returned parcel, appears to be damaged packaging and quality problems, will be paid by the customer its price $350/piece.


1). 30 days money back guarantee on all orders if you're unsatisfied for any reason with one of our batteries

2). 1 year warranty on all orders

3). Lifetime technical support

Shipping & Returns

USA :  3-7 Business Days

Canada : 7 - 10 Business Days

UK : 2-7 Business Days

Eurpoe  :  2-7 Business Days

3 Months Free Return

Laser Wedling

Our battery production process is 80% automated.

Battery sorting, screening, assembly, and welding are all done automatically by machines

More efficient for production

More Reliable for Quality

Our goal is produce produce reliable and less cost lithium battery for customer