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BtrPower 2 Pack 12 Volt LiFePO4 Battery 12V 140Ah Batteries Pack for Solar Deep Cycle RV System

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Battery specification
  • Normal Voltage:  12.8V
  • Normal Capacity:  140Ah
  • Charge Voltege:  14.4-14.6V
  • Cut-off Voltage:  10V
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current:  100A
  • Peak discharge current:  200A (Duration: less than 5 seconds)
  • Standard charge current:  10A
  • Over Charging Protection Voltage:  14.6V
  • Cycle Life:  > 2000 cycles at 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD),up to 5000 cycles at 80% DoD
  • Discharge Temperature:   -20℃~60
  • Charge Temperature:  0~45
  • Dimensions:  330*170*220mm/13*6.7*8.7in
  • Weight:  15.45kg/34lbs
Features of lithium iron phosphate battery:
  • [Long service life] The cycle life reaches more than 2000 times, and the standard charge (5 hour rate) use can reach 2000 times. The performance-price ratio will be more than 4 times that of lead-acid batteries.
  • [Safe to use] Lithium iron phosphate has undergone strict safety tests and will not explode even in the worst traffic accidents. 
  • [High temperature resistance] The peak value of lithium iron phosphate electric heating can reach 350-500 , while lithium manganese oxide and lithium cobalt oxide are only around 200 .
  • [Green and environmental protection] Green environmental protection, regardless of production, use and scrap, does not contain or produce any toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances.
  • [Low natural discharge rate] The self-discharge rate is very low, which is one of the most outstanding advantages of the battery. Generally, it can be less than 1%/month, less than 1/20 of the Ni-MH battery. 
Safety&protection advantage:
[Built in Automatic Battery Protection System Internal]
  • The intelligent,electric Battery Management System(BMS) protects batteries from extrem temperatures,overcharging,and excessive discharge,provide short circuit protection,balance voltage each cell.
Package List:
  • 1x 12v 140Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack (Charge and discharge from the same wires)
  • This pack doesn't include the charger


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