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48v 3A Charger for Lithium Electric Bike Battery Pack 110v Input 54.6v Output

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About Universal Smart 5A Charger for 48V Li-ion Lithium Polymer Battery Pack-New
Intelligent charger designed for 48V Li-ion Battery packs including Polymer Li-Ion and Cylindrical Li-Ion.

Charging Current : 5000 mA /5.0 A.
Charging time = Ah rate of the pack x 1.5 / 5A charging current.
Built in IC to cut off power automatically when battery is fully charge.
Red LED show Battery charging and Green LED shows full.
One LED is always Green battery symbol indicate has AC power also fan is running.
The LED with Sine wave symbol will turn RED indicating charging battery Green = battery is fully charged.
Charging terminal :Lotus head
Dimension: 160 * 90 * 57mm
Weight :15 OZ.
Size : 16 x 90 x 57
Net Weight  :15.00 oz
The input voltage :110v


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